Homespun Humanity

Casey and Brooke Courter create a lifestyle company for the South Bay dweller and a philanthropic reach beyond our borders.

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    Kelly Dawson


Casey and Brooke Courter are used to fresh starts at a fast speed. After they graduated college, they both moved to Hawaii and met at a volunteer program. Later, when they felt restricted by traditional 9-to-5 work schedules, they thought of ways to start their own business. And once they became entrepreneurs, they got married.

All of this happened in the last two years.

“We both have that travel bug in us, and we love to go around the world and volunteer,” Brooke says. “We wanted to be involved in more communities.”

As quickly as they seem to move, Casey and Brooke also appreciate the beauty found in life’s slow moments. They describe these fleeting instances, such as drinking coffee from a warm mug and relaxing beneath a cozy blanket, as times when anyone can gain happiness from everyday motions. This mentality, coined by the word “perf” in Casey’s family, became the basis of their company.

“It’s that place where you feel your best or you feel yourself,” Brooke says. “So we made a curated shop of home and lifestyle goods that allow you to do that.”

Give Perf, the South Bay-based company they founded in 2014, has a look of lived-in comfort. Textured blankets and towels make up the majority of items for sale online—which can be seen tossed over shoulders, arms and banisters in a colorful picture display—while hats, a bag and a notebook complete the collection.

But these items are ornaments in the company’s overall mission. For every item purchased, 15% of the profit goes to an established organization that has partnered with Casey and Brooke to meet an altruistic goal.

“I think working toward something that has purpose, when every day you can wake up and do something that you know is for the greater good and can change someone’s life, brings a whole new aspect to work,” says Casey.

At first, this organization could have been any nonprofit that struck a cord with the couple and agreed to find a mutual objective. They worked with Loving Orphans Global in Bali to make sure every orphan received a new pair of shoes. Once that was completed, they joined with Convoy of Hope to help farmers grow food that feeds children in Haiti.

“We want the ‘give’ behind our company to be where our heart is,” Brooke says. “But it was really hard for us to narrow it down, because it meant we had to say no to something. How do you say who deserves help more?”



After completing these projects over the course of two years, the couple felt a familiar desire to seek a fresh challenge. While they both were fulfilled by the success they helped create, like seeing the smiles on kids’ faces when they wore their new shoes, they still sought a way to do more. This fall they’ve decided to recast Give Perf’s mission to focus solely on helping nonprofit organizations build homes throughout the world.

“We started out with this broad idea, this need to want to give back,” says Casey. “Being able to give a family in need a home really is what we thought makes sense. I think it’s the right direction for us to go.”

By using their homespun products to assist in the creation of actual homes, Brooke and Casey feel that they have found a more streamlined definition of the word “perf” and a niche that will propel their vision forward. It’s the type of realization that comes with experience, even as 20-something newlyweds running a nascent business.

“This is a new venture for us, and we’re a young couple—so we’re still figuring it out,” Brooke says. “We’ll hopefully always be learning different ways to improve.”

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