House Divided

For the Manhattan Beach family of Phil and Mica Linsley, the USC vs. UCLA rivalry spans four generations and shows no signs of letting up.

1. Phil’s mom, Shirley began attending UCLA in 1944, driving her 1929 Ford with a rumble seat to classes in Westwood. Her late husband, Bob, graduated a Bruin in 1950.

2. Phil’s UCLA parents had no choice but to support his decision to become a Trojan. He graduated USC in 1972.

3. Phil’s true love, Mica, sat on the opposite side of the stadium for UCLA. They met in 1970.

4. Big sis Mica graduated UCLA in 1973, but younger sister, Lisya, broke ranks and attended USC.

5. Phil’s and Mica’s daughters split allegiances. Alexa graduated UCLA in 2001 and now has two boys.

6. Marina graduated USC in 1998 and has three children.

7. Phil’s and Mica’s youngest, Derek, graduated UCLA just last year. Daughter Tera (not pictured), the only holdout of the clan, went north to Santa Clara.

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