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Dr. Christina L. Hutchinson, DDS

512 Main Street #4 | El Segundo | 310-640-2025 |


Tell us about your practice. 

“Hutchinson Dental is a family dental practice that can accommodate a variety of dental needs. We have excellent hygienists to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and we offer a variety of restorative procedures. We mostly perform general dentistry procedures, but if something more in the way of cosmetic dentistry or management of sleep disorders is needed, we also offer those services. In addition, we have an exceptional network of specialists that we utilize when needed.”

How do you educate your clients to take good care of themselves? 

“I try to get patients involved and educate them about issues specific to them. If it’s gum recession, I get out the mirror and explain what’s ideal, how they differ and what’s possible with grafting. If it’s a cracked tooth, I like intra-oral photographs to show patients on the monitor what’s going on and what is needed to restore stability to damaged teeth. If it’s decay, I like to review checkup X-rays to show where it’s happening and what they can do at home to reverse early decay or prevent it from happening at other teeth.”

What do you enjoy most about your career in the health industry? 

“I love being a resource to so many patients outside dentistry. Sure, I enjoy educating patients how to take better care of themselves, being a part of restoring oral health or giving someone a beautiful smile. But patients are more than just their teeth and gums, and I often find myself talking to patients about their breathing, posture or diet. It’s always a treat to have patients come back six months later to report they took me up on whatever advice and it’s been helpful to them.”

“Patients are more than just their teeth and gums, and I often find myself talking to patients about their breathing, posture or diet.”


Just when I thought Philips Sonicare had the best power toothbrush around, they made their product even better! This year they launched the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected, and it’s perfect for those patients who are tuned in. It provides a truly customized brushing experience! It has Bluetooth technology to sync to your phone to tell you which areas you’re missing and which areas you’re brushing too hard. It provides coaching advice and tells you when it’s really time to replace your brush head. Genius!

Off the Clock with Dr. Hutchinson

My husband and I just moved back to the “bubble” from a short departure to Marina del Rey. It doesn’t matter how much more house you get there, nothing beats the South Bay and we couldn’t wait to come back! We have our rituals, favorite restaurants and traditions back; it’s great to be home!

Before & After 

I have a patient who had open spaces after braces and had old bondings to close the spaces, which didn’t look the greatest. She wanted to close the spaces but didn’t want porcelain veneers. So instead we did direct resin restorations to improve the shape of her teeth and close the spaces. Now she has a fuller smile, and her original tooth structure is intact underneath. It doesn’t get more conservative than this. Next we’re doing the same with her lower teeth!

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