In the Mood

What a local designer has on her fall inspiration board


1. Tartan.

“This whole concept really centers around the tartan fabric of Rogers & Goffigon. I love that instead of traditional heavier wool, it is made of really lightweight linen. That fabulous pop of blue makes it unique and perfect for a California coastal home.”

2. Antique Mirrors.

“This sample is of a really deep, smoky version that’s perfect for tabletops, cabinet doors or a fantastic focal wall. It’s moody and has so much more character than a traditional mirror or plain glass.

3. Earthy, Yet Elegant.

“All of these hand-painted color samples from Portola are spot-on for this fall palette. I love the greys and more complex whites. Bringing in those fantastic greens and deeper charcoals spice things up!”

4. Oak.

“It’s a gorgeous wood species with a wonderful, deep masculine quality to it. To keep it fresh and light we often use a limed or bleached version. It’s a great counterpoint to any heavier fabrics, like the wools and velvets you see here.”

5. Fresh Pattern.

“This graphic pattern from Thomas Callaway Patternworks helps keep things lighthearted. I think the key to a chic, fall California menswear look is making sure there is at least one unexpected pattern to balance all of the classics. It puts a clean, bright spin on the concept and keeps it from feeling to serious or traditional.”

6. Woven Shades.

“In lieu of heavy drapes, I would bring in this Conrad woven wood shade for window coverings. It allows light to pass through and adds an additional element of texture to a room. We often pair them with lightweight wool drapery panels to add more dimension.”

7. Touch of Wild.

“These Antler Melody knobs from Anthropologie are everything. The ivory is stunning paired with a charcoal grey woodwork, and adding these polished horn knobs to a chest or desk instantly gives it a stylish, masculine feel.”