In With the New

Décor Trends for Spring

Time to throw open the shades and let the sun shine in. Breathe deep and smell the sweet scent that comes with a change of seasons. If you want to brighten your home this spring, here’s what’s new—trends that say big, bold and bling. Geometric patterns and bright, saturated color are all the rage in forms we haven’t seen before. Accessories, lamps, stools and area rugs are making a statement, and that statement is, 

“Here I am. Look at me!”

Turquoise Linen Stool with nickel studs mixes contrasting textures in a bold design.





Irregular Dot Blown Glass Lamp
shows us pops of fun on a clear palette.





Metallics are showing up anywhere and everywhere this season. 
Silver-, chrome- and bronze-plated finishes are being seen in unexpected design.

Polished nickel cast aluminum jaws.
I just hung this in a bathroom to be used as a towel rack!





Beautiful vintage brass stool demonstrates the new trend of metallics.

So this spring, brighten things up with a little splash of color and flash!

Valerie Sartini is the owner of Treasures Interior Design in Manhattan Beach.

For more design ideas, visit Valerie’s blog at

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