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When you log on to your Mac or PC, where do you get your daily fix of creative musings? We asked three surf-savvy design pros which websites capture their imaginations and spark new projects.

Preston Lee Interior Designer (Preston Lee Design) and Bravo’s Top Design Finalist This website allows readers to search for designers based on style, rooms or even locations. The site also contains a great deal of resources for everything from lighting, tile, fabrics and furniture. It’s one of the most user-friendly websites available to the public from a leading design publication. This designer-friendly website also allows the public to find treasures and shops in their area. It has a fabulous jewelry and fashion section, and, after all, fashion goes hand-in-hand with interior design today. Check it out for inspiration and guilty pleasure, but watch out: your checkbook might be missing a few pages when you’re done browsing. A site that gives access to many of the fashion-forward items sought by Arch Digest readers and designers alike. I often refer to the site when traveling to find the latest store opening or showing of uniquely designed furnishings.

Frances Anderton Host of DnA: Design and Architecture on 89.9 KCRW, producer of Warren Olney’s Which Way, LA? and To The Point, and Los Angeles editor for Dwell magazine Must-see site for fast-breaking news about real estate and architecture in Los Angeles. I admire it for its consistency of focus, its snappy writing and strong community participation. This site offers a round-up of global architecture news stories. Links are compiled, edited and smartly summarized by Oculus editor, Kristen Richards. Not strictly about design, this site offers marvelous, witty analysis by writer Christian Lander about the motivations behind acquiring “stuff.” It says a lot about the role of design in our lives. Here’s a round-up of the latest inventions and innovations that celebrates new technologies while also maintaining a skeptical eye. How can one not love a techie site that includes “spy gear” and “pet gizmos?”

Emily Goldstein Co-owner and head buyer of Madison shoe and clothing boutiques I love this site as an easy reference for designers’ runway looks and to see their entire season’s collections. Who has the time to go to all the shows? Now, I don’t have to…. This is a great place to see what celebrities and ordinary people are actually wearing. Love that they tell you where you can get the look. I like seeing what this retailer is buying and if I missed anything from my favorite designers. They buy everything! An easy read, this site helps you stay up-to-date on fashion through its feature stories. It’s a quick scan; you can just read what you’re interested in. This site shows you what editors covet and offers interesting profiles about the people behind the scenes.

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