James D. Wethe, MD, Plastic Surgeon/Owner

“My focus is to make each patient feel like they are part of my medical family.”

3440 Lomita Boulevard, Suite 220 in Torrance | 310-784-8389 | drwethe.com


Dr. James Wethe has practiced plastic surgery in the South Bay for more than 24 years. He attended both UCLA and UC San Diego for his undergraduate degree and earned his medical degree at USC. Dr. Wethe offers both cosmetic (aesthetic) and reconstructive plastic surgery, taking care of patients who need help with skin cancer, breast surgery, issues with facial aging and the spectrum of options to reverse the effects of time, gravity and the changes that happen with life. He has been married for 28 years, has four children, and enjoys going to soccer matches and being in the middle of a match as a center referee.

What would you like potential patients to know about you?

“I enjoy spending time with all my patients to ensure they are fully informed about their options and alternatives for any problem/concern, so they can make choices which will best suit their goals.”

Was there a defining moment in your career that guided you to where you are now?

“While I was a junior resident, a professor of plastic surgery looked at me after a day in the operating room and told me I was going to be a plastic surgeon … a field I had not yet considered. That was the starting point, and I will always remember that day.”

What’s one trend that is defining your specialty today?

“There are so many new, innovative devices to help with aging-related problems. The many lasers, such as the fractional CO2 laser, and other devices are making less-invasive and non-invasive procedures a reality for treating cosmetic concerns.”

Tell us about the staff at your practice.

“I have a truly outstanding staff that is every bit as dedicated to the welfare of my patients as I am. They put forth tremendous effort to ensure each patient feels important and confident that they are receiving the best care.”

What’s most rewarding about your work?

“Without question, the most rewarding aspect is the smile on a patient’s face and the knowledge that I have helped him or her with a problem, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, and made that patient’s day and future brighter having solved their concern. Also, word-of-mouth referrals from patients are one of the highest forms of compliments, and I truly appreciate them.”

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