June Bloom

Get over the early-summer greys with a colorful, do-it-yourself floral arrangement.

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    Jeff Berting


Pick your favorite flowers. I chose some directly from our garden: green early-bloom hydrangea, bright coral bougainvillea, full and lush garden roses (David Austin Juliets are a favorite!), a branch from the kumquat tree and some assorted succulent blooms.



Arrange the flowers one by one, starting with the larger, fuller blooms at the base, like a mass of hydrangea or Dinnerplate dahlias. Both make a great base because they will hold up the taller stems you add last.



Use an untraditional container like a large, ribbed aluminum tomato can or a vintage tea tin. You can also pull large, bold Monstera leaf from the garden and wrap it in inside a clear glass vase you already own.



Keep properly watered in a cool spot and enjoy longer!