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Cindy Chen-Smith, DO, Roger Hartman, MD, Vidya Ramesh, MD, Michael Wong, MD, Lisa Stekol, MD (not pictured)

400 S. Sepulveda Boulevard, Manhattan Beach | 800-780-1230 | kp.org/southbay

Services Offered: Family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, X-ray, pharmacy, blood draw



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“With our new Manhattan Beach medical offices, we’ve re-imagined the health care experience. We’ve designed a healing environment that feels more like a spa than a traditional medical office. Patients can see their doctor, fill a prescription, get an X-ray and have their blood drawn all in the same location.”


What trend is changing your specialty today?

“Technology helps us provide care when and where our patients want it. At our Manhattan Beach medical offices, we’ll offer video consultations with specialists. When it’s medically appropriate, we can offer video appointments for our patients to see us from the comfort of their own homes. Our patients can securely access their medical records, email their doctors and refill prescriptions from their computers or mobile devices.”

How do you work with other health care professionals to care for your patients?

“Our health care team is passionate about what we do and dedicated to helping our patients thrive. We are connected to patients and to each other through one of the most advanced electronic health record systems available today, which allows us to provide highly personalized and coordinated care.”


How do you educate your clients to take
good care of themselves?

“We focus on prevention and provide the information and tools for our patients to enjoy many healthier tomorrows. We often prescribe exercise to our patients and encourage them to take advantage of Kaiser Permanente’s nutrition and healthy living classes. We role model good health by running, swimming, skiing and surfing.”


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Shared Tip

We are leaders in prevention. We provide routine appointments, preventive screenings, wellness programs and more to help prevent you from getting sick in the first place. At Kaiser Permanente we bring the convenience of having many of your medical needs met under one roof, so your experience allows you to thrive with seamless, quality care.When patients ask, “What can I do to be at my healthiest?” here’s our prescription: Take prevention seriously. Get all of your recommended health screenings. Make sure you and your kids are up to date on all immunizations. We’ll help you keep on top of your screenings and immunizations. Early cancer detection is key. In all the regions we serve, Kaiser Permanente is #1 in screenings for breast cancer and in the top 10th percentile for cervical and colorectal screenings as a program.
“In November 2015 we’ll open our new Manhattan Beach Medical Offices … we’re excited to serve
the people in our community.”

Career Milestone

In November 2015 we’ll open our new Manhattan Beach Medical Offices. Our patients who live in the Beach Cities have been asking for a more convenient location that’s close to where they live and work. Some of us call the Beach Cities home, and we’re equally excited to serve the people in our community. In 2016 we’ll begin offering new specialty services in Manhattan Beach, such as podiatry, orthopedics, allergy, dermatology and general surgery.




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