Kidding Around

Design ideas for the younger set.

Kids are a tricky bunch. Especially as clients. So when I’m charged with designing a room for a little one, I come prepared. 

Kid space trends now are full of flair and sizzle: bold colors, batik, washed tie-dye and geometric patterns. I know all kids will ask me for a hanging chair. As with everything, this has to get clearance, but it’s definitely do-able and a really fun focal point in any kid’s room. 

To start designing kids rooms, spend time with your young clients … interview them, ask their favorite colors, what they like to do, how they spend their days. They so much want to be part of the process. Too many choices are overwhelming, so give them just a few ideas and things to see. 

Try to guide the project so you end up with a look that will make him happy and reflect his individuality but will stand the test of time and allow a transition into the teen years.

Where they need the most help is pulling it all together to create a look that they love and is their own. There is no greater joy than watching a child light up when she walks into a new room that she helped create herself!

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