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The Amazing Racer

Hometown legend Parnelli Jones enjoyed a successful career in the fast lane. His incredible career inspired generations of racing fans and, most importantly, those who share his adrenaline-charged DNA.


Stand Out

Named after our surrounding architecture and aesthetic of El Segundo, the Bungalow House riffs off the modest, cozy and well-built style of California in the early 20th century. “Our company has followed that blueprint in making furniture that not only fits the California aesthetic but also that is well-built, timeless and fun,” says co-owner Kenny […]

Holy South Bay, Batman!

Behold a phenomenon so powerful, so incredible, so unstoppable, not even a kilo of Kryptonite could stop its momentum. We’re talking about comic book culture, a force more dynamic than Superman, Wonder Woman and the Hulk combined. From the sold-out summer cineplex to fanboy fever at July’s annual Comic-Con, the lasting impact of comic book art and interpretation cements its place in our popular culture. For some in the South Bay, comics are not just a passion, they are a way of life. Meet three locals who do their part to keep the comic book tradition alive for generations to come.

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