Kris Brown, Director of Instruction/Lead Instruction Specialist

“We are determined to inspire our students to achieve the impossible.”

One Ocean Trails Drive in Rancho Palos Verdes  |  310-303-3209  |

The Academy at Trump National is open to the public and provides golf instruction for anyone, with a focus on Performance Plans at $90 per session (structured series of lessons specifically designed for skill level), individual lessons, junior programs and team clinics. Kris Brown created the Academy at Trump National, he also graduated from the Golf Academy of America in 2004 and is one of three people in the world who is certified in nine out of the 10 certification levels of the Titleist Performance Institute.  

What would you like potential clients to know about you?

“I don’t teach because I have to; I teach because I am 100% passionate about helping others achieve their goals. It just so happens that I teach golf. My vision is for our academy to be recognized as a pioneer for the new era golfer.”

What will new clients like about your unique approach to fitness?

“The fitness included with our academy is all golf-specific and individualized for their specific needs. In Performance Plans, we put our students through physical assessment tests. This helps the instructor and student understand the current capability of the student’s body. Every exercise is geared to help a student’s body make a more efficient and consistent movement, which transfers into making better golfing motions.”

Do you offer diet and nutrition assistance?

“As a student progresses through our Performance Plans, they learn a multitude of topics including fitness and nutrition—on and off the golf course— and proper hydration.”

What do you suggest clients do when they hit a plateau with their fitness routine?

“We help our students understand that their fitness will plateau unless they change their routines periodically. They must keep their routines fun and new; their body must evolve with their golfing motion.”

What is the biggest benefit that your clients gain from seeing you for their health and fitness needs?

“Not only does their golf game improve dramatically, but their overall health improves. They have more energy and better mental clarity, and this translates to them playing better golf.”

Would you like to dedicate this profile to someone special? 

“This article is dedicated to the memory of John Farnus, superintendent of Trump National Golf Club for the last seven years. `May you never be forgotten by the ones who love you.’”

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