Leading Ladies

Women take charge with our book, film and music selections for late spring.


Baz Luhrmann’s
The Great Gatsby
Carey Mulligan steps into the glitzy heels and glamorous dresses of Fitzgerald’s iconic Daisy Buchanan. Proving charm and irresistible beauty can both inspire and devastate, Daisy and this lavish American novel are brought back to the big screen May 10.


Lean In
by Sheryl Sandberg
Being named one of the world’s 100 most influential people by Time magazine is not something to take lightly. Sheryl Sandberg has definitely made her mark on the world of business, and now she is set on inspiring and advocating for the world of women. Her new book promotes shattering the glass ceiling, one woman at a time. Pick it up now in a bookstore near you.


She & Him
Volume 3
Not only is she a doe-eyed beauty, Zooey Deschanel is the star of the hit Fox series New Girl, and she is also the “she” in the retro-indie duo She & Him. Zooey’s soft crooning artfully jives with the “he” (M. Ward’s skills as a singer-songwriting), making this duo’s third album—debuting May 7—much-anticipated.