Live Like Doug

After her husband’s passing, a local woman organizes a support network for children who’ve recently lost a loved one.

Written by Stefan Slater  |  Photographed by Kat Monk

He may not have lived a long life … but it was a full one. According to those who knew and loved him, Doug Schneider was a seeker of adventure with a thirst for knowledge. He thrived on sharing his passions and lessons with everyone around him. When his wife, Christine Schneider, founded the Live Like Doug Foundation, her goal was to not only create an organization that would commemorate the memory of her husband but to also establish a support system for children in the South Bay who’ve lost a loved one.

“Doug was very involved in the community,” says Christine, adding that her husband was an active surfer and volleyball player. “His enthusiasm and love for life was just infectious.”

When Doug passed in 2014, Christine wanted to ensure that their son, Dylan, would have the guidance and direction needed to live a full, engaging life. “I wanted to make sure he could live his
life in the same way that his father did,” she says.

Live Like Doug specializes in arranging enrichment activities and social groups for children who have lost a family member or close loved one. The organization offers monthly meetings that are structured around fun, child-friendly activities, such as rock climbing or casual hikes. “We give the kids something fun to do, and we organize activities where they can come together and interact,” she says.

Christine notes that these social activities are crucial for these children and their families. “You feel very alone when you lose someone,” she says, adding that allowing children to come together and build meaningful friendships gives them the chance to build a crucial support system—one they can rely on during difficult moments. “All we want to do is to create support, friendship and fun for these kids and their families—especially during a time when they feel alone.”

Live Like Doug is also actively involved in the South Bay community. On May 13 Live Like Doug participated in the Dig 4 Jimmy & Doug Surf N’ Turf contest in Manhattan Beach. The event, which benefited Live Like Doug, the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation and the Dig 4 Kids Education Foundation, centered around a friendly but driven volleyball and surfing competition.

The contest celebrates the memories of Jimmy Miller and Doug Schneider, as well as the South Bay community as a whole. Christine notes that she feels that the event truly fits Live Like Doug’s key values. Live Like Doug, she notes, works to provide a sense of community for its members—a reminder that they’re not alone and that even during trying times, they will be able to reach out to others for guidance and companionship—and Surf N’ Turf celebrates that concept.

“The event is about appreciating everything that you have, and that includes being a part of a great community,” she says. Families interested in learning more about Live Like Doug can visit