LMU at 100

For many students, teachers and alumni of Loyola Marymount University, the South Bay is not only a neighbor, it’s the place they call home. In honor of the Centennial milestone, we dropped by to discover what media currently excites the bright minds on campus.


Professor Robert Simmons
film and television studies department


“Scorsese uses contempor-ary special effects to tell a story about the earliest cinema. While many movies this year all seemed to disappoint, Hugo proved to be an unexpectedly fantastic 3D film.”  






Jean-Paul Rouas 
senior film and television studies major 

Breaking Bad

“This television series is set apart from all others because the characters continue to progress and regress throughout the show. You begin to sympathize with one character who evolves into the anti-hero. T.V. has come a long way.” 



Chloe Pousmorady
senior music major

Iva Bittová

Iva Bittová is a violinist and vocalist from the Czech Republic whose talent and creativity are inspiring. “As music majors, we listen to what we study—whether it is classical, jazz or world music. We are very open-minded to all music and learn to appreciate and understand the process of creating it.” 




Professor Maggie Lowe Tennesen 
art department

Eight Steps to Happiness 
by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

“Currently, I have gotten into both art-related and spiritual books.” To keep up with the times, Professor Tennesen has been listening to audio books during her two-hour commute. “They are great for long drives, where the radio becomes dull and you want to listen to something new. Audio books are gaining popularity as multi-tasking in America has become a common phenomenon.”  





Cooper McKenna 
junior fine arts major with an emphasis in graphic design


“It’s a really great and easy way to discover and share your own designs. It’s diverse, really high quality and all user-submitted. I am always inspired when I visit the site.”