Looking Good

This coming season makes us nostalgic for the ‘90s—but with a fashion-forward, modern twist. We cut to the chase and break it all down right here with a hit list of the top 10 wearable trends from the fall 2016 runway shows.

Illustrated by Christine Georgiades



All Tied Up

The fashion world’s fixation with scarves and bandanas has now evolved into fall’s pussy-bow blouses and ribbon neckties. This top is best paired with a high-waisted pant or skirt.







Floral Prints

The “it” print for this fall season is bold and brave, showcasing large floral prints. Go bold and stand out in these exciting
designs. Choose a fun dress or add some flair to your wardrobe with a fun pant or blouse. Wearing happy prints like these can oftentimes lift your mood.





























Tiered Ruffles

Whether featured in tops, skirts or dresses, designers managed to mold structured, high-fashion ruffles into wearable art. This trend isn’t for everyone; however, you can take baby steps by pairing a ruffled, off-the-shoulder top with high-waisted jeans or culottes. If it works for you, go a little bolder with a ruffled dress for your next formal event.






















Statement Choker

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a velvet ribbon or a chunky number—just make sure something is around your neck this fall to add a little interest to everything from T-shirts and button-down blouses to cocktail dresses.







Cold Shoulder

This season one-ups previous seasons’ “off-the-shoulder” trend and takes it to another level of drama with the “power one-shoulder” trend. For fall, the cut is sexy and asymmetrical, revealing just one shoulder. Try a one-shoulder top paired with a pair of jeans for date night. Your date will thank you.







Dark Romance

Designers took a gothic turn for fall with countless looks celebrating black sheer and lace. These “black swan” runway items exude glamour with an ode to punk rock. Again, you don’t have to commit to a head-to-toe black lace ensemble. You can start with a top and include some fun accessories to add edge.





















Checked Out

The pattern that took over on the runway was obvious, and it seems designers across the board were not mad at plaid. There were simpler, cleaner iterations, though some leaned more schoolgirl or even Western-inspired. Combine plaid prints with basics to break up the overall pattern.

















Velvet was seen up and down all the runways in an array of styles—from slip dresses to suiting. Designers did not hold back on showcasing their use of wild colors with this luxe fabric. Velvet adds a touch of glamour to any outfit and is the perfect addition to one’s wardrobe going into the upcoming holiday season.

















Navy Naval

We’ve seen lots of military cycles in the past, but this season the focus was very nautical. Designers applied fresh takes on this classic look. Choose investment pieces like a jacket, sailor pants or a double-breasted coat.