Los Angeles Cancer Institute, a Division of 21st Century Oncology

“With the resources from our national network of providers throughout the country, we continually make advancements that enable us to consistently deliver the highest quality patient care available.”

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Los Angeles Cancer Institute opened its doors in March 2010. It is a division of 21st Century Oncology of California, A Medical Corporation, a leading  provider of radiation therapy utilizing the latest technologies and the most up-to-date medical knowledge in the fight against cancer. The Los Angeles Cancer Institute provides personalized, compassionate and state-of-the-art cancer treatment using radiation therapy. Medical director Dr. David Khan earned his medical degree at Oregon Health Sciences University and completed his residency and specialty training in radiation oncology at New York University. Currently he serves on the Emerging Technologies Committee for the American Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology (ASTRO).  

What would you like potential patients to know about you?

“We know that we are, by nature of what we do, immersed in the most critical times of our patients’ lives. Our job is not only to provide the best professional care but to also remain in touch with our patients’ feelings and always be kind and understanding. We realize that every one of the patients we treat could just as easily be one of us: beloved parents, brothers, sisters or friends. It has been and continues to be a privilege when patients entrust me as they try to restore their dreams while battling cancer.”

Tell us about the team at your practice.

“Cancer is a devastating illness that strikes without warning. Consequently, patients are often scared as they battle this terrible disease. At our center, a team approach to treating patients has been developed. The team consists of a radiation oncologist, physicist, dosimetrist, radiation therapists and a nurse. I have integrated sophisticated technologies with a caring staff to create a nurturing and safe environment.”

What sets your practice apart from other practices?

“To ensure that the highest quality of care is delivered to each of our patients, nationally recognized experts continuously assess, provide feedback and mentor each member of our patient care team. At 21st Century Oncology, our patients’ safety is a priority. That's why we developed and are the only ones to use Gamma Function, a proprietary technology developed to ensure that each and every treatment is delivered safely, precisely and accurately.”

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