Lovely Lilla

More than just a pretty face, the South Bay “it” girl must be inspiring, athletic and accessible to captivate an attentive audience here at home.

Black floral Gita dress by Ulla Johnson and velvet burgundy heel by Rag + Bone; Wrights in Manhattan Beach. Gold hanging tag necklace by Chocolate and Steel, wrap bracelet by Chan Luu and ring by Native Gem; Gum Tree in Hermosa Beach.

Photographed by Kremer Johnson  |  Makeup & hair by Jenny Karl


Lilla, we know you as a formidable athlete on the volleyball court, but when did you start modeling?

I started modeling right out of college.

You must travel a lot for your work and your job. Which city is your favorite travel destination?

My favorite place that I got to travel for work was Hawaii. I just love it there! You can’t go wrong with clear waters and warm sand.

As an athlete and sports model, you obviously have to stay fit and healthy. Can you share with

us your weekly exercise and health regimen?

I try to get a sweat almost every day. Depending on the time of year, I have practice days and off days. On off days I like to mix it up with spinning, Pilates or the gym. I try to eat healthy, including lots of fruits and vegetables, but I believe in everything in moderation.

“We love it here! It has such a small
community but at the same time feels like we
have our own privacy.”
What is your favorite activity to do on the weekends?

As much as I’m at the beach already, I do love to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

Congratulations on your engagement to Steve. Can you tell us how the two of you met?

We met at 6-Man, the beach volleyball tournament that happens every year in Manhattan Beach. He proposed in a small town in Mallorca, Spain, where my dad used to travel when he was younger. It was very sweet! We are getting married in Malibu this September. So soon! We are trying to keep it very small and intimate.

You and Steve are building a new home in Manhattan Beach. Why did the two of you choose to live in the South Bay?

We love it here! It has such a small community but at the same time feels like we have our own privacy. We also love the active lifestyle here.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

I don’t know if I’ve really discovered a certain style, but I do love to feel comfortable in what I am wearing. I love earth tone colors and always tend to lean toward a nice pair of booties.

Do you have any favorite local stores where you like to shop?

My favorite shops are The Beehive and Wright’s in Manhattan Beach.

Who would you say is your fashion and beauty inspiration?

I love Chrissy Teigen!

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

I’m happy that I am a caring person.

Do you have a least favorite thing?

Sometimes I care a little bit too much.

What was the best day of your life (so far)?

Getting engaged to the man of my dreams.

Finish the sentence: I want to be known for …

Being a great mom and a good friend.



Black tie crop top and black culotte style pant by Flynn Skye and lariat by CLP; The Beehive in Manhattan Beach. Wrap bracelet by Chan Luu, diamond suede pyrite necklace by Pascale Monvoisin Paris and ring by Native Gem; Gum Tree in Hermosa Beach.

Lilla’s South Bay Hit List

Boutique: The Beehive
Grocery Store: Whole Foods
Café: The Source
Coffee spot: Two Guns Espresso
Place to work out: The beach!
Night out with friend: Shellback Tavern
Watering hole: Ercoles


This or That?

Coffee or tea?  Coffee
Red or black on roulette table?  Black
Night or day? Day
Beach or mountain? Beach
BBQ or fine dining? BBQ
Mac or PC? Mac
iPhone or Android? iPhone
Instagram or Twitter? Instagram
Paper book or Kindle? Paper book
Drive or fly? Fly
Walk or run? Run
Flats or heels? Flats
Dress or jeans? Jeans
Cat or dog? Dog
Go out or stay home? Stay home