Which local margarita reigns supreme? Get all the sweet (and sour) details here.

The Judges:

  Carla Benavidez
  Production Manager



  Angela Akers
  Art Director
  Hermosa Beach



  Reid Tomassi
  Marketing Director
  Manhattan Beach



House Margarita
Ortega 120,
Redondo Beach
Reid: Very smooth with a fresh, citrus flavor.
Angela: A tad on the sweet side. More tequila would help this.
Carla: Muy bueno.
      Average Score (10 highest): 8.3

Añejo Honey Sour
Manhattan Beach
Angela: Smooth, well-rounded.
Reid: Perfect. Do you have an extra?
Carla: Top-notch. My new boyfriend!
     Average Score (10 highest): 9.3WINNER!

House Margarita
Riviera Mexican Grill,
Redondo Beach
Carla: Too sour and too sweet.
Reid: Very basic, decent taste.
Angela: The mix isn’t the best.
Would prefer fresh juice.
     Average Score (10 highest): 5

Margarita de la Casa
Hermosa Beach
Reid: Cucumber flavor has a nice finish.
Angela: For your basic margarita, it’s really nice.
Carla: One solid shot. Just right.
    Average Score (10 highest): 7