Mind, Body & Spirit

Personal trainer and gym owner Jason Estrada works overtime to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

Jason Estrada, 31, has one overarching aim: to add better years to the lives of his clients. “My goal is to help people—not just with their fitness but also with the vitality side of fitness.”

Jason, who grew up in Compton, is the owner of Estrada Fitness Club in El Segundo—a private training facility. For as long as he can remember, Jason has always been fascinated by sports. As a child he dreamed of becoming a professional athlete, but his backup plan was to become a team physician for a major professional team—like his favorite, the Lakers.


While attending Cal State University, Northridge, Jason landed a physical therapy internship, which involved working with patients who suffered from extreme spinal cord injuries. He notes that the experience opened his eyes. It showed him how beneficial physical therapy could be—not just for a person’s personal fitness but also their overall vitality.

Working closely with these patients, he curated a specialized therapy program for each individual and then watched their gradual progress. “The whole experience allowed my appreciation for helping people to grow and thrive,” he says.

Jason then went on to become a trainer for Equinox South Bay in 2008, where he quickly became one of the top trainers. During his free time, he started a fitness boot camp for family, members of the neighborhood church he belonged to and close friends.

“I ended up doing these boot camps every weekend,” he says. “I was really helping people. People were giving me testimonies, and it was in my heart to expand what I do and help more people.”

Jason started Estrada Fitness in 2012. His training facility is a brick-and-mortar culmination of his experiences both as a fitness trainer and a physical therapist. He focuses on helping his clients improve their fitness, and he also works with them to improve their vitality and curate lifestyles that will help enhance their overall quality of life.

On the one hand, Jason will work with clients on basic functional movements, using their own body weight to increase their strength. But since he’s also well-versed in kinesiology, he makes sure to create workout regimens that are tailored to the client’s physical capabilities and needs—helping them accomplish their fitness goals safely and effectively.


He says his clients run the gamut, ranging from professionals athletes to stay-at-home parents. Jason enjoys helping each of his clients become the healthiest person they can possibly be. “Helping people become stronger in mind, body and spirit—that’s what I like to do.”


Jason’s Year in HEALTH

Daily Itinerary

Jason’s alarm goes off at 4 a.m. “I take a shower. I food prep and make my ground chicken the night before.” He trains from 5 a.m. to noon and takes a two-hour break to work out or spend time with family. He then trains with clients for another few hours, 3 to 7 p.m. “On any given day I’ll have 10 clients roughly.”


Jason plans all of his meals: “I’m in a structured routine where I have everything that I want to eat planned ahead, and everything’s written down. Even if I go out to dinner and I didn’t plan on it, I already know what I’m going to eat since I’ll read the menu ahead of time. Basically no coffee, alcohol, bread or dairy. No yeast products either. I do my best to stay as gluten-free as possible. I’ve always been like that. I don’t even like to eat ice cream.”

Workout Routine

“In the morning right before I hit the shower, I do at least 150 push-ups straight and 45 pull-ups. I do that every single day. I also focus on a strength routine throughout the week too. I do my best to stay balanced and as active as possible.” Jason also usually works out in the middle of the day, in between training sessions or in the evening. “I have a 2-year-old son, and my wife is active too, so a lot of the time we’ll go out as a family in the middle of the day for a swim or a bike ride. Sometimes my son will work out with me. He’ll do some cones or hurtles, and he likes a lot of movement. I find it easier to help keep him entertained.”

Free Time

“I’m very family-oriented. It doesn’t take much to have a good time when I’m not focused on the gym or work. I go to church. It’s important to be close to family and have a strong, faith-based center of spirituality so you can understand how to deal with whatever life has to offer. It helps your love grow.”

Guilty Pleasures

Jason love avocados: “That’s my healthy fat. I also love sweet potatoes or butter squash. When it comes to protein, I absolutely love organic chicken, lamb and other lean meats.”

Fitness/Health Inspiration

“I have a picture of Muhammad Ali up in the gym. I admire his mentality and what he stood for. He had this understanding that it’s not about skill, but it’s more so about having the will to be a champion.”

Favorite “Non-Gym” Workout Spot

“I love to run over in Manhattan Beach and on The Strand. I’ll do a sand run for about 3 miles on the weekends. It’s one of my favorite cardio activities.”

Ultimate Health Goal

“To live until I’m 200 years old. No, but really my goal is to add better years to my clients’ lives.”