Mix ‘n’ Match Magic

How to put it all together with a stylish impact

Ever walk into a fabulous room and wonder, “Hmmm. How’d they do that? How’d those pieces and patterns, textures and colors get married and mashed up to make such magic?”

Part of good design is knowing how to pull the pieces together—pieces you might not naturally think would live harmoniously side by side without a big fight.

Here’s where I share my tricks of the trade, literally, so you can make some magic of your own: 

Pick a consistent background palette.

Vary the scale of the fabrics you choose-from a large stripe to a small ditzy (charming design term used to describe small-scale print on fabric). Use several sizes and patterns for drapes, pillows, sofas, chairs, ottomans, even walls.

Pieces can be pulled together by sharing the same family of color, patterns, textures or trim.

One piece should ground the whole room with a common color that ties everything together-think large-scale animal skin rug.

But really, what you love is what you love. Be bold. Play around. Make magic. And remember, rules—like everything else—are made to be re-designed!

Valerie Sartini is the owner of Treasures Interior Design in Manhattan Beach. For more of her gift-giving ideas, visit her blog at OurSouthbay.com.

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