Morgans Jewelers

“We like the science of gems, designing jewelry and the mechanics of watches. Most of all, we love building personal relationships with our clients.”

22200 Hawthorne Blvd. in Torrance  |  50 Peninsula Center in Rolling Hills Esttates  |  310-375-4471/310-541-2052  |

Morgan and Helen Varon started Morgan’s Jewelers in Huntington Park in 1946 and moved to Torrance in 1963. Morgan’s children, Marshall and Russell, took over the business for their father and have since opened a second location in Palos Verdes. Both Marshall and Russell, who have graduate gemologist degrees from GIA, contribute to the areas of buying, advertising, appraising and design. Morgan’s granddaughter Melissa Varon Weinberg is the company’s marketing director. Morgan’s Jewelers carries fine Swiss watches, fine jewelry and custom jewelry. The company’s experts offer jewelry and watch repair as well as appraisals. 

What would you like potential clients to know about you?

“Although we carry some of the rarest and finest gemstones available, we also cater to that `just because’ gift with a low price point. No matter how much you plan to spend, we provide you excellent, personalized service. We also love designing and creating unusual and unique personalized jewelry.”

Does it take a special set of skills to operate a successful business with family members?

“Organization, discipline and no egos.”

How do you use the different strengths of each family member to help your company grow?

“Russell takes a dollars-and-cents approach to purchasing new product, marketing and selling, while Marshall uses his creative mind to innovate selling techniques, further the Morgan’s brand and create new and modern jewelry.”

Do you and your family members spend time together outside of work?

“Frequently Russ has family over to enjoy his grilling, and the family also enjoys weekends together in Palm Springs. Marshall has many different venues to enjoy special time, especially with family and his new granddaughter.”

How does sharing common values with your family give you a competitive edge for your business?

“Our positive family values give us strength and flexibility to compensate for economic changes.”

What is your hope for the future—generations to come—for your company?

“Getting through this current economic test will prove our tenacity, and our children are all strong and capable enough to run this business if they desire.”

What’s your best advice for keeping family issues and business issues separate when running a family-owned firm?

“Picking your battles and allocating the importance of issues. Either discuss them, or put it on the back burner to let things simmer down.”

What’s most rewarding about your work?

“The single most rewarding factor is seeing the enjoyment in the eyes of the person receiving a special gift. Nothing is more satisfying.”

How do you stay on top of the latest trends and advances in your field?

“Here at Morgan’s, we attend the largest jewelry trade shows in the world, bringing home new ideas in jewelry manufacturing, promotional ideas and gemological advancements.”

In what ways do you provide top-notch customer service?

“Having the best craftsman in the industry with the best equipment allows for excellent quality in our jewelry. We strive to be the best at what we do.”

What is one word that you most want associated with you and your business?


How do you give back to your community?

“We are big supporters of Torrance Memorial hospital, Kindred Spirits, City of Hope, Cancer Support Community, police and firefighter foundations and many more. We also have a few foundations dedicated to sending bright young kids to college and helping them with related expenses.”

What motivates you?

“Working with wonderful people and customers offers many advantages to life. Many of our customers are our mentors to organizations that we belong to and support. The `essence of life’ is going back and helping others. We believe being successful is generating capital to operate your business and being charitable.”

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