Redondo Beach,
retired aerospace engineer

What I enjoy about kayaking:

You come across jellyfish, schools of fish, pelicans and seagulls, of course. Usually we’re out for about three to four hours. In the summer, we’ll have some people who will jump out of their kayaks and go snorkeling, which of course won’t happen in the winter because the water is too cold. In the wintertime we have the migrating grey whales. There are usually more dolphins in the summer than there are in the winter too. We have come across schools of hundreds of dolphins a number of times, and they swim with you. 


What keeps me motivated:

I don’t know if I need motivation. It’s just a great, fun time. As long as the weather is right, it’s enjoyable. 


My biggest achievement:

It was a longtime “bucket list” item of mine to run a marathon, and I had the time and desire to do it last year. So I trained for a couple of months and took part in the marathon. The Super Bowl 10K in Redondo Beach was the first competitive race that I had run in more than 30 years. I was a runner in high school, so I thought I would do the 10K to see if I still enjoyed running, and I did. After it was finished, I continued a month of training and then ran the LA Marathon. 


Words of wisdom:

“A lot of people find that the gym routine becomes boring in a hurry. With this kayaking group, you have the social aspect, beautiful scenery, fresh air and a little bit of adventure. My advice is to find something you think you might enjoy and give it a go.”