Now You’re Cooking

In the kitchen with Manhattan Beach’s gluten-free gurus: the Curry Girls.

There’s one particular home in Manhattan Beach where a deeply-rooted love for gluten-free food was already being realized before most of us even knew what “gluten” meant.

“Always encourage your kids to participate in the planning and cooking process,” Peggy Curry shares with a mother who can’t seem to get her kids excited about vegetables. “By doing this, they will feel like they contributed to the meal and also be more likely to eat it!”

The rest of us are happily diving into our first course: a spring salad topped with a quinoa-and-black-bean burger, or as Peggy jokingly refers to it, a “what’s in my refrigerator patty.” The recipe was inspired from leftovers—something we would expect from someone raising four children (or five, if we are to count husbands).

Megan, her daughter, joined hands with Peggy in 2011 to create Curry Girls Kitchen as a way to share healthy eating habits and bring families together. “Eating around the family table is always a happy memory for me,” Megan reflects. “The kitchen was the heart of our home. It was the hub of our house, where we all connected.”

To help those looking to find a positive and nourishing relationship with food, especially for those with gluten and other allergies, the mother-daughter duo offers a range of services. You can attend a private or group cooking class, receive personal health coaching or meal planning, join parent education workshops, give your pantry a makeover or simply bring your shopping bag to the Manhattan Beach farmers market on Tuesdays. ”Pegs” and “Megs” will be there, toting their bright red wagon between the produce to lend a helping hand.

Curry Girls Kitchen recently co-hosted an event with Pages: A Bookstore featuring Dr. Alejandro Junger, author of the nationally acclaimed book Clean, which talks about the healing powers of food. The ladies also currently lead students through the three-week Clean Workshop.

Of special note is their own cookbook in the works, Growing Great Families, in which family is baked right into the recipes. As the Currys believe, love and food are one and the same.

Peggy’s & Megan’s Gluten-Free Picks

Omission gluten-free beer.
MB & HB Farmers Markets, Whole Foods, Grow … but always read labels and ask questions.
Six Seasonings spice blend that we use in our cooking class and also sell.
The Walnut & Pomegranate Stew at Farm Stand in El Segundo is a family favorite!
Katsu in Manhattan has gluten-free rice so kids can still enjoy sushi.
– The gluten-free BBQ Chicken pizza from Fresh Brothers. Yum.

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