Office Incorporated

Room & Board offers some helpful design tips to blend a small workspace into an existing room.


Center the space with a large piece of art. Choose something that goes with the room’s broader palette but defines the smaller workspace area.

Keep accessories to a minimum. A nice minimalist lamp, coordinated office supplies and minor décor help the desk remain appealing.

Pick a desk that matches the elements of your room. Wood, metal or whatever, try for a seamless effect so the workspace doesn’t stick out unintentionally.

A desk that holds files is always a great option and eliminates the need for a filing cabinet.

Use a canvas bag or basket to hide a trash can or store extra supplies and magazines.


Ellis desk in walnut  $1,799
Pike chair with walnut base  $149
Vintage school map  $1,199
Element table lamp  $419
Elsa canvas storage bin  $149
Natural cowhide rug  $699

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