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Photographer Bo Bridges encounters blue whales, the world’s largest creatures, off the coast of Hermosa

 Early in September, South Bay photographer and gallery owner Bo Bridges captured a stunning event a few miles off the coast of Hermosa.

As many as 100 migrating blue whales were spotted in Santa Monica Bay, an extraordinary number as only 2,000 of this kind have been documented in the north Pacific Ocean. It is believed an unusual abundance of krill drew the mammals to our waters. On a stand-up paddleboard and armed with his camera, Bo took that amazing shot of friend Mike Vaughn just as a blue whale crested the surface. "I tried to relax but my heart rate went through the roof," remembers Bo. "It dove down right in front of me and went directly below me. I could have jumped on its back." He was struck by their massive size, 10 feet wide and 60-70 feet long. During the four hours and 12 miles of paddling, the group witnessed at least six whales and a pod of dolphins. Our cover chronicles a thrilling moment in a day’s adventure.

To learn more about Bo’s adventure, watch live footage and view additional images, visit his studio website at www.bobridges.com.

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