Once Upon a Time in the South Bay

Local real estate couple values friendships and community—and shares both with their clients.

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Once upon a time in the South Bay, Caskey met Caskey. They married, worked together, started a company, built a family and grew deep roots into the sandy South Bay soil. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Rather, let’s go back to the beginning. Because this South Bay story actually began with Jen as a young girl growing up just blocks from where she works today.

As a child, Jen attended Robinson Elemen-tary and Mira Costa High School. She also attended a real-life version of real estate school taught by her mother, who sold homes throughout Jen’s childhood. To say real estate was in her blood would be an understatement. Mom encouraged daughter to get into the business. Daughter took Mom’s advice and got her first job in 1991.

Jen met Dave at USC—a hop, skip and a 110 freeway away from the South Bay. Originally from Orange County, it was only natural that Dave would fall deeply in love with the South Bay lifestyle: the sun, the sea and, most importantly, the vibe created by a mixture of salty air and salt-of-the-earth people.

While pursuing his MBA at USC, Dave’s general contracting business naturally translated into a successful real estate career. And for more than 30 years, that’s been his focus. Dave and Jen founded Caskey & Caskey in 1991 and have since built a team of agents and support staff that are the reason why they are frequently named Top Producers by Strand Hill | Christie’s International Real Estate.

A Higher Level of Localness

To Jen and Dave, being local isn’t something that makes them more qualified or even better than other agents. Local is simply who they are, how they act and what drives them to do what they do. Local comes from a lifetime of living here and raising three boys here. It’s never leaving … never wanting to leave. It’s welcoming newcomers to the beachcomber way of life with open arms, a smile and a recommendation of where to grab a good drink with friends. (Fishing With Dynamite in Manhattan Beach, by the way).

Their commitment to the community goes well beyond love, respect and an intimate knowledge of every single business in town. In fact, Jen and Dave support more than 40 nonprofit organizations and events in the South Bay each year. They even have a baseball team … go Caskey & Caskey Sharks! To the Caskeys, giving back to the community that’s given them their lives simply makes sense.

Finer Home Specialists

As founders of Caskey & Caskey, Jen and Dave let the community speak for itself and always make sure it has a voice. Moving to Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach or Palos Verdes is so much more than just finding a “finer” home. Moving here means falling in love with a truly one-of-a-kind piece of coastline.

To put it in perspective, try taking a walk around town with Jen or Dave. You won’t be alone for long. The South Bay just won’t let it happen. It’s just that kind of place: friendly, caring … home. “Our clients become our friends, and our friends become our clients,” shares Dave.

In terms of selling and marketing homes, Caskey & Caskey has chops. You probably won’t hear it from them, but they are the #1 team for sales volume—$244 million as of 2019. But what you will hear from them are things like: “We’re going to take care of everything.” “We’ve got your back. “We have some unique homes to share with you.” “Our team is here for you.” And once you’re all settled, “You’ve got to check out El Sombrero and Love & Salt. So good!”

Buying a home isn’t a business transaction. It’s a life transaction. It takes patience, trust and the ability to rely on your real estate agents for more than just the best listings. Jen and Dave have made a lot of friends in the area because their friendships drive their business. It’s who they are, and they wouldn’t do it any other way. But it’s also the South Bay way. Give them a call, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Caskey & Caskey at Strand Hill | Christie’s International Real Estate

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