ONEHOPE…Many Causes

Take a look at the big picture and charitable giving represents only a small fraction of annual net profits. ONEHOPE isn’t most companies.

From corporate sponsorships to generous donations, most companies willingly align themselves with a good cause, and thankfully so. But take a look at the big picture and charitable giving represents only a small fraction of annual net profits. ONEHOPE isn’t most companies.

For this young, inspired enterprise, contribution is at the very heart of the business model. Their philosophy on charitable giving is like no other in the industry, making them trendsetters in the philanthropic community.

Founded a mere two years ago, ONEHOPE Wine consistently donates 50 percent of their net profits to five different charities, from autism to AIDS. Matching the cause to a bottle, the company produces five varietals – cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, merlot, sauvignon blanc and a zinfandel – each labeled with a recognizable colored ribbon. This creative idea was spawned from CEO, Jacob Kloberdanz. “We initially looked at cause marketing and saw how effective it is,” he says. “I wanted to go with ‘hope,’ which is very Barack Obama based. We have ONEHOPE Wine for many causes”

Before forming ONEHOPE Wine, the team of eight worked for winemaking giant, Gallo. Not only work colleagues, the young professionals also became close friends as they rose through the ranks of the company. As individuals, they understood the power of charity; as a group they wanted to create a brand that gave back every day of the year. As all members enjoyed their work in the wine business, it made perfect sense to create a brand within that industry.

While discussing their new business venture at Mama D’s Italian Kitchen in Newport Beach, the owner overheard their idea and promised to be their first customer once they got started. Nearly two years later, ONEHOPE Wine is well on its way to establishing itself as a charitable lifestyle brand. “We want people to see our logo and know that they are automatically giving back to a cause,” says Chief Marketing Officer, Brandon Hall.

Several celebrities such as Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Mark McGrath and others have quickly gotten behind the company. ONEHOPE Wine enjoys considerable local support here in the South Bay as well. Kloberdanz recalls the community support they received early on, “I reside in Manhattan Beach and that was one of the first cities that I started doing events in. Walk With Sally was one of our first local charities, and many of the residents have really helped to make this possible.”

As CEO, Kloberdanz wears many hats, overseeing various aspects of the operation, particularly the financial side. “With a small company, I have to play lots of roles. I see and touch all aspects of the business,” he says. “This company is my baby, so if anything goes wrong, it is my responsibility and I have to take care of it.”
Kloberdanz and his team have a bright outlook for ONEHOPE Wine. In addition to growing their profile locally, the company plans to spread nationally and establish itself as a lifestyle brand. “We would like to become a company that other for-profits come to for ‘cause’ marketing,” he notes. “We want to build up our brand equity and are looking to hit over 200,000 cases a year. Our goal is to give tens of millions of dollars to charity by year five.”

With such a generous, community-based spirit, ONEHOPE Wine will see many bright days in years to come. In the name of charity and giving back, other industries would do well to follow the lead of this innovative and exceptional brand.

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