Paint the Town

Ready for a palette refresh? South Bay interior designers share their favorite shades for this spring/summer season.

Rebecca Foster, Rebecca Foster Design

 Borrowed Light No. 235 Farrow & Ball
“This is a great blue that works so great at the beach. It isn’t overpowering, and it changes depending  on the light—just like the sky.”
Best for: ceilings, cabinet  and bedrooms
 White Dove OC-17 Benjamin Moore
“This is a perfect white when you don’t want something too cool. It is a warm shade that works well next to greys, beiges and even other whites. It is my go-to when someone wants a non-stark white-white.”
Best for: trim, cabinets  and ceilings


Phil Norman, Norman Design Group


Alaskan Skies 927 Benjamin Moore
“This neutral color offers warm undertones that look great with today’s coastal interiors. Pairs nicely with warm wood tones and coastal blues and greys.”
Best for: family room, hallway or entry


Dune White 968 Benjamin Moore
“This is my go-to trim and millwork color in coastal homes where I want a fresh yet warm and inviting interior. It offers a nice balance of creamy undertones without going too yellow or becoming too stark and cold.”
Best for: kitchen, hallway or entry


Caroline Burke, Caroline Burke Designs


North Sea Green 2053-30 Benjamin Moore
“This is perfect for those not afraid of color! This is a deep teal color that is sophisticated but a nice punch of rich color. This color is like being in a deep blue ocean.”
Best for: powder room, art walls or guest room


St. Lucia Teal 683 Benjamin Moore
“It’s simply a beautiful color … a sophisticated, soothing blue green. A feel-good color.”
Best for: living room or master bedroom


Nadia Elgrably, Nadia Designs


Head over Heels AF-250 Benjamin Moore
“This soft blush color gives a flattering soft glow to a room.”
Best for: powder room, guest room and ladies’ retreat


Mount Saint Anne 1565 Benjamin Moore
“This hue offers a coastal, elegant blend of seascape, waves and beach
to envelop your senses.”
Best for: master suite and guest bedroom


Shanna Shryne, Shanna Shryne Design


Greens SW 6748 Sherwin-Williams
“Emerald green is certainly not a new color to add to a room, but each time it gets the spotlight it gets everyone excited. It’s a luxurious pop of color to add to any accent wall or a statement piece of furniture, and it seems to bring life to a room the same way a plant does. Even in abundance, this color can be very calming.”
Best for: living room, entry, accent wall or on a statement piece of furniture

 Cerise SW 6580 Sherwin-Williams
“This is a very bold, saturated color that is powerful and a lot more versatile than people may think. Magenta is a great color that helps bring out personality and is a fun color that adds a lot of pep to space. Magentas or reddish-pinks can work wonders to modernize a traditional living room and can add energy to a dining room, especially in furnishings or art.”
Best for: bedroom, living room and dining room


Kimberly Colletti, KCM Studio

 Cloud White OC-130  Benjamin Moore
“This color has the perfect gallery effect as a backdrop for art. The color transforms with the lighting throughout the day. Crisp and clean to soft and romantic at night, capturing hues from the outside.”
Best for: ceilings and display walls
 Worsted No. 284 Farrow & Ball
“My new obsession. Dreamy in an intimate space and accented with a lighter trim.”
Best for: bedroom and dining room