Paul Sizemore, Owner/Attorney The Sizemore Law Firm, PLC

Featured Charity:
Human Rights First

2101 Rosecrans Ave., Suite 3290 in El Segundo; 888-975-3476;

The Sizemore Law Firm handles pharmaceutical liability, product liability, mesothelioma and catastrophic personal injury litigations. The practice was founded by Paul Sizemore in 2009. The attorney, who has nearly two decades of experience working in the legal field, credits his parents for influencing him to become a philanthropist and his children for continuing to inspire him to do good in the lives of others.

Tell us about your featured charitable organization.

“Human Rights First is a 35-year-old organization that works to keep America strong by making sure our actions match our values. They press the U.S. government and private companies to respect human rights and the rule of law. Whether protecting refugees, combating torture or defending persecuted minorities, they focus on making a difference.”

How do the philanthropic efforts of your business make our community a better place? 

“The Sizemore Law Firm recognizes the importance of philanthropic efforts by supporting outstanding organizations and citizens who make contributions that strengthen communities and better the lives of others. Our recent efforts have focused primarily on human rights through direct participation in and charitable giving to worthy organizations.”

"There’s a place for social responsibility, and there’s a place for economic business sense; together they can strengthen communities and better the lives of others.”  

In what ways do you encourage your co-workers to support worthy organizations in our community?

“Ten percent of our net profits go to local charities, and we give pro bono service to the military, police, fire department and most local residents. Our employees are active members of many charitable organizations in their communities.”

What are the biggest benefits of making social responsibility a priority?

“To develop and maintain strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our community. We take the public interest very seriously by providing a voice for people who are wronged by powerful wrongdoers. Our commitment in supporting outstanding organizations and citizens committed to social responsibility in advancing human rights or improving the lives of children reflects the very nature of our business.”

Tell us about one of your favorite experiences with a charitable cause.

“Last April several of my employees and I participated in Ragnar Relay Series for Human Rights First—a 200-mile, overnight running relay race. At first I thought it was going to be impossible, but the cause, along with the energy and enthusiasm of our team, helped us make it to the finish line.”  

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