Perfect Shot

When Demi Stevens and Tommy Ortega opened Ortega 120 in Redondo Beach, they not only brought incredible Mexican dishes to the South Bay, they also revealed a menu of tempting tequilas for their local patrons.

Jose Cuervo 250 Anniversario

 $2,400 a bottle

“At $200 a shot, you may wonder if it is worth it, and the answer is 250 times…YES. Starting off light and smooth with a wonderful, sweet 'Abuelita chocolate' style of cocoa and canela, the flavor literally floats as you sip. The glass makes a difference. A good, thin flute allows you to breathe and savor. Since there are only 492 bottles in the world, take your time.”

Don Julio 1942

$120 a bottle

“When in doubt, break the Don Julio out. This is my go-to tequila, a rival to any good cognac, smooth from the start with a slightly sweet, dulce de leche creaminess and legs for days. Use a snifter to gather all the love and sip. Pair this with a rich, dark piece of chocolate and the flavors are further emphasized—a great tequila across the board. Looking to buy a gift for your boss or potential client? This is the route to take.”

KAH Reposado

$48 a bottle

“A real showstopper, usually the interesting bottles mask an un-interesting tequila. Not the case with KAH. The beautifully hand-painted, calavera-style bottle houses an impeccable reposado tequila with an unusual 110 proof. It is a multi-level sip of vanilla with light undertones of oak and agave, and the heat of the proof mellows on the second sip, reiterating why reposado tequilas are the most commonly sipped south of the border.”