Premier Bank of Palos Verdes

Randall Hata, Executive VP & CFO, Jocelyn Padadakis, VP, Branch Manager John, Polen, President & CEO, Debbie Richardson, Senior VP,Corporate Development, John Turner, Senior VP, Corporate Banking

4A Peninsula Center | 310-698-8400 |

Premier is a community bank new to the Palos Verdes Peninsula that opened its doors for business on September 24. Premier offers highly personalized service and banking solutions delivered in an upscale and sophisticated environment by a collaborative team of banking professionals. Although Premier is new to the community, their management team has worked together on the Peninsula for almost 20 years and are long-time residents and active members of the community.

What would you like potential clients to know about you?

“Recently, Premier was named by MSN Money as one of the top 359 safest banks in America out of more than 7,300 banks in the U.S. today, as well as one of 16 out of 251 banks in California. Premier Bank of Palos Verdes is a division of Premier Business Bank, a 6-year-old community business bank that started in downtown Los Angeles with a business and real estate loan center located in Torrance.”

What is the biggest benefit that your clients gain from working with you?

“We are a client-centric bank where the client is always in the forefront of what we do. By focusing our services around the individual needs of our clients, staying in touch with them and delivering on our promises, we offer a unique banking experience that truly sets us apart from our competitors.”

“We are community bank for individuals and businesses that demand highly personalized service and custom banking solutions in an upscale and sophisticated environment.”

What’s one trend that is changing the financial industry today?

“As the big banks continue to get bigger, they seem to be missing the mark when it comes to maintaining long-term relationships with their clients. People want to know their banker and feel confident that their business relationship is valued. Community banks typically have a much more stable staff, and as such they become familiar with the client’s banking style and routines.”

What is one word that you most want associated with you and your business?

“Premier. Definition: first in position, rank, or importance. This definition is the basis of our brand, corporate culture, and most importantly our client service philosophy.”

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