Abby Waddell, Realtor®, MBA | Compass

Peace of Mind

Realtor® Abby Waddell supports her clients through socially distanced real estate transactions.

Written by Laura L. Watts | Photographed by Chris Saldivar

While earning a degree in psychology is not a requirement for becoming a Realtor, it has certainly set real estate agent Abby Waddell apart—especially during these recent troubling times. “The pandemic has really forced people to think about what is important and be realistic about the future,” she says. “For many people that includes making decisions about where they want to live.”

Her 35 years of experience assisting buyers and sellers—along with years of study at the university level about just what makes people “tick”—gives Abby an edge when navigating the twists and turns of this industry at a time when social distancing is mandatory. She joined Compass in April just as the pandemic was taking hold locally, nationally and globally. And what she found was a technology platform and various support programs that truly help her clients.

“I am grateful that I can still help my clients when they need to make critical real estate decisions during difficult times.”

Compass agents are now taking many unprecedented precautions in order to provide services for their clients while still following mandatory restrictions. It starts with introducing the property through a virtual tour. Next agents set up individual appointments—instead of holding open houses—where they wear masks, wash their hands, use hand sanitizer or gloves and disinfect the home after showings.

Although it’s a lot more work, Abby is pleased that she can contribute in this way to the health and safety of her coworkers and clients. “I am grateful that I can still help my clients when they need to make critical real estate decisions during difficult times,” she shares.

Abby has closed more than $300 million in transactions during her years working in the real estate industry. Clients appreciate her for the excellent customer service and creative solutions she offers. “I always strive for high integrity,” she says, “and I am exceptionally organized and communicative.”

Clients also appreciate the support programs that Compass offers to make the process even easier. Compass Bridge Loan Services help clients who want to purchase a home without having to sell theirs first. Compass Concierge provides sellers with up-front funds to make improvements to their homes—such as landscaping, painting and staging—that will help them sell quicker and for more money. Clients can even utilize both programs to maximize their purchasing power for a new home, in addition to getting the highest price possible on the home they are selling.

Both on the clock and off, Abby has a passion for working with seniors in their 80s and 90s and their families. They often need someone to guide them in making major decisions such as whether to stay in their current home or move due to health or financial reasons. Many of these clients have lived in their homes for decades, so Abby’s training as a Certified         Relocation & Transition Specialist helps with the downsizing issues that can arise. “It can take months to find the right fit for these families, so I become their trusted advisor during this process,” she says. She supports Chefs for Seniors, which provides meals free of charge to seniors in need who cannot get out in public safely, and she teaches Zoom classes to seniors as part of an Aging Well series.

And when she can sneak in a spare moment, Abby loves to frequent favorite spots from El Segundo to San Pedro and everywhere in between. “I grew up in Palos Verdes and raised my kids in Manhattan Beach. I just love the unique feel of each city in the South Bay and their beaches, schools, homes, shops and restaurants,” she says. “I take pride in supporting my community.”