Amanda DeWysocki, RN

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    ModernArt MedSpa & Salon 

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    1620 Aviation Blvd., Suite A, Redondo Beach

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    IG: @modernartspa

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ModernArt MedSpa & Salon specializes in injectables, medical-grade skin care, body sculpting and other popular minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. Owner Amanda deWysocki has been a registered nurse for 16 years. She earned bachelor’s degrees from both UC Berkeley and Arizona State University and completed graduate coursework at both Cal State Fullerton and Grand Canyon University. She made the leap from ICU nursing to aesthetics in 2009, opening ModernArt MedSpa & Salon in 2014.

How do you ensure your business is successful?

We listen to our clients. My two medical estheticians, Tara and Olga, and I have a combined 52 years of experience, and our loyal clientele is a testament to that. Sometimes listening means choosing an appropriate treatment only after understanding our client’s goals, expectations, lifestyle and budget. And sometimes it means being a sympathetic ear to talk to. Our clients have become like family over the past eight years, and we want them to know how much we appreciate them.

What’s the best advice anyone has given you?

Don’t try to do everything. It’s tempting, especially in this industry, to get excited by every new technology and want to do it all. But often people who try to do everything end up being great at nothing. I was reminded recently at a conference that the general public isn’t as comfortable with new technology as we clinicians are. Most people prefer the least amount of intervention and the most natural approach possible—another reason we remain focused on the quality of services we offer and not the quantity. It’s the Zen principle of “do one thing well” that has helped get me to this skill level and in turn has helped the whole business thrive. 

Describe a recent event that restored your faith in humanity. 

Our esthetician Olga, who has been part of the ModernArt MedSpa family for six years, is a Ukrainian immigrant whose entire family still lives in the war-torn country in the city of Kyiv. The outpouring of love, support and charitable donations that our clients and extended community have shown her has been truly heartwarming. Amid all the negativity and chaos over the past couple years, it’s a beautiful thing to be reminded of the innate goodness of humankind.

Tell us about a few of your passions.

I am very passionate about music. I play the piano and a little ukulele and I sing—loud, proud and daily. I’m not great at any of it. The secret is: You don’t have to be! I’m also a dedicated yogini of nearly 20 years, and I have an overwhelming wanderlust that is rarely satiated.