America Michael 

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    Homes By America |
    Keller Williams Beach Cities 

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    830 S. Pacific Coast Hwy,
    Suite #200, El Segundo

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    310-363-9871 (office)
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    Real Estate

Realtor® America Michael and the Homes By America team are part of the Keller Williams Luxury International group. They specialize in California luxury real estate and residential properties throughout Los Angeles and the South Bay. They are part of a Keller Williams preferred agent concierge network that assists clients in the purchase or sale of property anywhere in the world. America has worked in real estate for the past 11 years and is a Certified Negotiations Expert. Before entering the real estate industry, she worked in marketing and operated a home-organization business. 

What is your agency known for? 

“We are known for delivering award-winning, white-glove service to our clients, going above and beyond to make sure we are adding value and helping move the needle toward their objectives. We pride ourselves on being highly effective communicators and have streamlined systems that help our clients and help our team be most effective at our jobs while still being personable, reachable and relatable.”

Speak about the level of flexibility required to be successful in thE REAL ESTATE industry. 

“I jokingly say, ‘Real estate doesn’t sleep—it’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.’ People are looking for real estate all over the world daily, and my team and I are prepared for any inquiry of all things real estate. We’ve set our business up so one of us is reachable at all times. In this way, we can give new clients the response they need while also tending to our current client demands. While there is much truth to my joke, we also are real people with real lives outside real estate so we have boundaries and try to honor the fact that we need time off and time away from our phones. We take turns, and it works for our team.”

What are key factors for finding a good fit when choosing an agent to work with? 

“You need to find someone who aligns with your overall objective, who truly makes you feel comfortable and heard while having integrity and a style of communication that works for you. This person is someone you have to trust has your back and will do the right thing by you.”

Do you involve your family in your work? 

“My late husband, Tyler, was our director of operations, and I loved very much having him involved in the business and conversation. We aligned on future goals, and he was wonderful at adding additional value to our team. We miss him very much.”

Do you anticipate a time when every property will feature a virtual home tour? 

“Yes, absolutely. Moving toward a virtual era is the wave of the future. I can see it being the standard within the next five years. This pandemic has pushed people to lean into technology and embrace its features and benefits.”

What are some of the niche sectors your clients are exploring? 

“We have many clients who are exploring the ADU (additional dwelling unit) concept and converting their garages into livable and/or rentable space. This is a trend we will see more of, and cities are now getting on board with it. Also I’m seeing clients even more comfortable than ever with flipping properties and becoming landlords to their own rental units. It’s fun to watch people turn their investment into a cash cow and aid them in purchasing more properties to build their financial future portfolios.”

Do you think home prices will continue to soar in 2022? 

“I think the market is still on fire and will continue this way through the year. Some markets have experienced a plateau, but we have a shortage of inventory and not enough to sell. We are hoping that the market of new properties opens up so we can find homes for more amazing families and individuals who not only want them but need them.”

How do you feel about working as a dual agent? 

“We don’t have a problem representing both buyer and seller on a transaction as long as the understanding is that we have an ethical duty to both sides to represent them fairly. We take that very seriously and want to create a win-win for people. So oftentimes if a client wants us to represent them on a listing of ours, we do all we can within our jurisdiction to do so. We have turned down dual representation if we didn’t feel we were aligned or if the expectation was unethical.”

Give us some top tips for improving curb appeal. 

“I love, love, love to improve properties, so this question is fun! Actual curb appeal is in the eye of the beholder; however, one rule of thumb is to remove anything that would distract a buyer. Remove all clutter, trash, dead plants, tired-looking furniture or anything looking too weathered. The property may need power-washing and window-washing to showcase it properly. I’m keen on adding a fresh coat of paint, repairing anything looking broken, switching out light fixtures to something clean that ties in with the aesthetic of the style of home, and if there is an opportunity, add a pop of color on the door for a fun, eye-catching look! We also love to add trendy doormats and new plants.”

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