Anne Collard Design

Describe the featured project.

I loved this Manhattan Beach coastal farmhouse project! In our initial team meeting, I was clear that these clients did not want a traditional farmhouse but were looking for something more unique. So we added some interesting features like, for example, pulling the white brick from the outside into the inside and wrapping it up the stairs. By raising the ceilings and including super high accordion doors, it almost feels like a New York loft. In addition, they wanted the feeling of being on vacation the minute you walk in the door, and they wanted the home to be welcoming to their guests. The soft colors and textures throughout the house are very soothing, and the floor plan moves you from the front door to the beautifully designed backyard, gorgeous pool and pool house.

Tell us about your business.

Anne Collard Design is a full-service interior design firm, specializing in a sophisticated coastal lifestyle.

How is your company adapting to the changes brought on by the pandemic?

This past year has been challenging, and I feel very fortunate to be so busy with a lot of great projects—both in California and out of state. When COVID-19 first hit, I immediately held meetings via Zoom or FaceTime and then outdoor meetings until recently. Closing my design studio in Downtown El Segundo was a little sad but also necessary since we had four kids schooling from home. These days I double-mask and keep my distance while on job sites and try to finish those meetings outside.

What have been your proudest moments during the recent crisis?

All my projects were delayed because of COVID-19 last year and will continue to be this year. This one was no exception. It was an enormous challenge to get it finished by the holidays, but together with Chris Lombardi’s team we were able to complete it and move this amazing family into their new house just in time for Christmas.

Build new or remodel?

I would say build new. Remodeling is like opening a can of worms, and you never know what else could be living in that can.

What is on your bucket list this year?

Personally: I would like to spend quality time with my family on Nantucket. Sadly, we were not able to make it there last year—first year in my life! Professionally: Once things calm down and are safe again, I would love to bring more people on board and possibly open another spot in town … we will see.

Photographed by Lauren Pressey