Anne Collard

After graduating with a degree in fine arts, Anne Collard moved to Los Angeles and worked as a buyer at Shutters on the Beach and Hotel Casa del Mar. There she established relationships with vendors she continues to work with today. After a short break to have her children, she started working for Waterleaf Interiors in Manhattan Beach. A few years later, Anne opened her own design studio, Anne Collard Design, in Downtown El Segundo.

What do you love about your work?

“I have been fortunate to have amazing clients and really enjoy working together to create their ideal space from concept through to the last detail. I love the process.”

What challenges are specific to your industry? 

“I have to rely on a lot of people, and that can be challenging.”

What changes have you made due to COVID-19?

“Unfortunately, I had to close my studio during COVID-19 and move my office into our house and garage. It has been challenging with four kids under 12 years old and two working parents, but there are also many silver linings. Because I gave up the studio, I drive around with a folding table and chairs in my car so I can hold meetings outside.”

What is your #1 piece of advice during this unprecedented time? 

“Take it easy on yourself. We are all in this together.”

Has motherhood made you a better entrepreneur? 

“Motherhood has forced me to multitask very well and manage my time extremely efficiently. I wake up very early every day to get most of my computer work complete without kids interrupting me.”

Take a risk or play it safe in business?

“I believe you need to take risks in order to grow.”

What are you especially grateful for today?

“I am very grateful for my amazing family.”

Tell us about your support system.

“My husband is my biggest supporter. I could not do any of this without him, especially right now.”

What vacation destination are you dreaming of these days?

“I am always dreaming about being back on Nantucket. We didn’t make it there this summer because of COVID-19, but we have spent a lot of time at the beach here in California.”