Apex Medicine

Services Offered

  • Concierge medicine
  • At-home visits
  • Telemedicine visits
  • Office visits
  • Longevity and wellness
  • Sports medicine
  • Primary care
  • Urgent care
  • Pediatrics
  • Cosmetics

“The best way to care for yourself is to have a true partnership with your health care provider.”


We believe the best way to care for yourself is to have a true partnership with your health care provider. We provide all our clients with exclusive, 24-7 access coupled with a comprehensive preventive medicine plan and specialist network. We address our clients’ urgent needs such as a cold or injury and also provide customized health plans that promote longevity and wellness. We provide a unique blend of concierge medicine with a focus on sports medicine, wellness and longevity for any age.

Dr. Georgio and Dr. Salah were physicians for the Dew Tour extreme sports competition.


As head physicians for the Ironman Triathlon and Olympic sports, we have been blessed to work with athletes such as Shaun White and Chloe Kim. We bring that same level of care to our South Bay clients. Our unique, personalized approach to health care perfectly matches the community’s beach culture and active lifestyle.




Dr. Georgio and Dr. Salah examine an injury at a Hermosa Beach Little League game.


We maximize our patients’ health and free time by providing a collaborative, comprehensive, concierge-like medical practice. This alleviates the headache of a long wait to schedule appointments or waiting for hours in an emergency room or urgent care. We deliver the latest in technology paired with a close network of top specialists. Whether it is a home visit in Palos Verdes, a telemedicine visit from The Strand or visiting our Manhattan Beach office, we are there for you.



We are the head team physicians for many local high school and professional teams, including Major League Rugby’s defending champion Los Angeles Giltinis. In addition, we volunteer our expertise and time with local youth athletes throughout the South Bay. 

Dr. Georgio, Carson and Dr. Salah


Frustrated by their 10-year-old son Carson’s fatigue and growth issues, a South Bay family reached out to Apex Medicine for an additional opinion after months of not getting answers. Apex Medicine dug deeper and tested Carson for other causes. The doctors came upon an often-missed diagnosis: celiac disease. With a streamlined referral to one of their exclusive network specialists, Carson’s diagnosis was confirmed and treated. He is now thriving, growing and excelling in school and athletics.