Archer Building Group, Inc.


Describe the featured project.

This mid-century modern home on 3rd Street in Manhattan Beach was a really fun project for us. We worked with a team of designers at AboutSpace to give our clients their dream vacation home with a classy yet relaxed style. In a more modern home like this, quality of craftsmanship really shows and our attention to detail made all of the clean lines pop. We had playful fixtures, waterfall countertops, a custom entry door, various textures and detailed tile work. Overall, the clients wanted a spa-like retreat for their home away from home, and we’re proud of the end result.

How do you view the collaborative process with a client?

The collaborative process with the client, the designer, the architect and our subcontractors is the life-blood of a construction project. Our job is to coordinate that process and make sure all of the individual pieces come together to form a cohesive vision. Then we build the home to conform to that vision. Houses are art, but they also have to be comfortable and functional. Many times clients come to us with a sense of what they want and look to us to help them finish their idea to make it useable and appealing.

What sets you apart from other professionals in your industry?

We are very user-friendly. We have a personalized app that provides real-time updates to clients regarding all aspects of their projects. It includes budgets, photos, billing, schedules, changes, specifications and plans. Over and over again we hear from clients: “You’re so organized!” A lot of that has to do with the way we can present information. It never takes the place of person-to-person contact, which is essential in construction, but it does streamline the process and make everything easy to find at the touch of a button.

In particular, when clients are out of town or are not local, they love checking on our progress through the app and the various streaming cameras we set up on-site. It’s a fun and functional way to keep everyone involved.

Tell us about your greatest accomplishment in life.

Definitely our three little boys. They bring joy and meaning to our lives and inform how we approach the world. We value integrity, communication and thoughtfulness in our personal lives, which translates to our professional lives as well. In everything we do we ask ourselves, “Would we be proud to share this with our kids?”

They love visiting the job sites to see what mom and dad do everyday for work—they particularly like “cleaning up construction” with a broom. They are a constant reminder of what an incredible opportunity we have to work together, build beautiful homes and leave a physical mark on the South Bay.

Photographed by Nicole Leone

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