Baker, Burton & Lundy PC

Baker, Burton & Lundy is a full-service law firm featuring lawyers who specialize in personal injury, civil rights and sexual harassment cases as well as provide expertise in the areas of estate planning, business and real estate law.

Brad N. Baker and Kent Burton founded the law firm in 1976 and invited Albro L. Lundy III to join the partnership in 1997, adding Evan Koch in 2018 and Clint Wilson in 2020 as partners. The firm’s eight attorneys together have more than 160 years of experience in the industry. The paralegal team also has significant experience, with most members having worked with Baker, Burton & Lundy for decades. 

What is your #1 piece of advice during this time of uncertainty?

“First count your blessings in life before you concentrate on the challenges. This has a tendency to put things in perspective fairly quickly.”

What does it take to earn the label “trusted advisor”?

“We think that the measuring stick that is used in determining our involvement—what value are we bringing to the client—goes a long way toward building trust. If we do not anticipate that we can add value to our client’s position that is greater than what we estimate we will be paid, then we do not participate. (We do not wish to ever do better than our clients.)

Also, considering the number of years our team members have worked with Baker, Burton & Lundy, this long-term commitment helps foster deep and lasting relationships with many clients who use several of the various practice areas of the law firm.”

How do you help clients avoid making rash decisions?

“There is no surefire way to control how clients make decisions, but the fact that our attorneys can calmly explain to them their options in simple terms goes a long way in helping clients remain calm themselves. The years of experience that our attorneys have translates to a better level of comfort for our clients, which also minimizes rash decisions.”

How do you “seek first to understand and then to be understood” in your work?

“A lot of our work in the law is multifaceted. By that we mean that more than money is usually at stake. The emotional well-being of the client during the process is oftentimes as important (if not more important) than the legal points being discussed.  

A client who knows that she or he is being heard and understood is the cornerstone of maintaining emotional well-being. Having things explained simply adds to the client’s comfort level. We find that if something cannot be explained simply, it usually means that the person doesn’t understand the concept themselves.”