Baker, Burton & Lundy, PC

L to R above: Partners Evan Koch, Albro Lundy, Kent Burton, Brad Baker, Clint Wilson

Baker, Burton & Lundy is a full-service law firm of experienced attorneys specializing in probate litigation, estate planning, personal injury, business and real estate law. Founding partners Brad Baker and Kent Burton are joined by Albro Lundy, Evan Koch and Clint Wilson. Brian Selogie, Mary Korkodian, Stephen Semos and Teresa Klinkner round out the attorney team.

Why do your clients consider you their trusted advisor? 

“Citizens of Hermosa Beach since 1980, we are active in our local schools and the South Bay community. With more than 140 years of collective experience, our award-winning legal team has won life-changing verdicts and results for our clients. Our aim is always to resolve problems as successfully, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.”

What should someone look for in a trusted advisor?

“We recommend that a referral from a trusted friend is often a good starting point. Then see if the attorney gives you a sense of calm through their ability to listen and address your concerns. Sincerity and clear answers are an excellent measuring stick of an attorney’s competence and knowledge.”

Why did you decide to start your own firm?

“We started our firm in 1976 because we didn’t know any better; turns out it was the best decision we ever made.”

What are some of the ways you establish credibility with clients?

“We think that an attorney’s ability to give clients peace of mind is very important. Interacting with lawyers can be stressful for clients, but if they have an experience where they know they are in good hands, credibility has been established.”

What is your #1 piece of advice during this unprecedented time?

“Laughter is the best medicine. Maintaining a sense of humor goes a long way toward surviving this very trying pandemic. As this time goes on and on, it is crucial to keep our sense of humor intact.”

What are some ways we can all be of help to others as the holiday season approaches?

“Paying it forward—the performance of a good deed with no expectation of getting anything in return—is a concept that will never grow old. Our motto is to pay it forward, and we encourage everyone else to do so. The ripples that can be created by this approach to life can continue spreading all year long.”