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    Andrew Foster, MD, Pranay Patel, MD, Anthony Ahn, MD, Lindsey Spragg, MD

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What makes Beach Cities Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (BCO) the Face of Orthopedics in the South Bay? The practice is a one-stop shop for orthopedic medical care, offering multiple subspecialties and services at one office.

“Not only are we all trained in orthopedic surgery, but we are also fellowship-trained AND offer the highest quality and most advanced level of care in each  subspecialty.”

“We all enjoy working here because we know our patients can be seen for almost anything under one roof by the most skilled doctors in the area,” shares Dr. Andrew Foster, who specializes in joint replacement.

“My goal is to bring a new era of spine care to the South Bay using the least invasive option first,” says Dr. Pranay Patel, a specialist in spine surgery. “If surgery does become necessary, I use innovative, minimally invasive techniques, providing the patient a speedier recovery.”

In addition to providing minimally invasive surgery at their own on-site surgery center, BCO offers advanced imaging; physical therapy; PRP, amniotic fluid and stem cell therapy; and a Health and Wellness Center that provides acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care. “Having all of these options in one location ensures that a patient’s recovery is as seamless and individualized as possible,” explains hand surgeon Dr. Anthony Ahn.

The BCO team is highly involved in the local community, supporting various nonprofit organizations and high school and college athletic teams. A sports medicine specialist, Dr. Lindsey Spragg understands how an injury can become a significant setback in an athletic career. “I have been on both sides of the table,” she says. “I take an individualized approach for each patient’s needs, knowing I have been in their position.”

BCO is committed to expanding organically within the community. They plan to open new locations and offer new services this year as they continue to offer innovative health care to residents of all ages in the South Bay.