Brende Marshall

Describe the featured project.

Our clients asked us to design a dream space that transported them to a resort-like atmosphere while being in the comfort of their home. We developed a serene and calm color palette and mixed interesting materials such as iron, oak and marble. While designing, we envisioned how this entertainment space would accommodate large gatherings for holidays, Monday night football games and festive dinners. We created multiple complementary spaces throughout the home that flowed from one room to the next, all allowing the ocean views to be the relaxing focal point. 


What would you like our readers to know about your business?

Brende Marshall is a Southern California-based design team combining refined intuition with decades of shared construction and residential design experience. With projects ranging from South Bay jewel boxes to sprawling Malibu compounds, our foundation is always the same: It’s about our client. Whether reinventing an existing home or building from the ground up, we keep our goals aligned with our clients’ to ensure the best outcome. 

In what ways do you instill a “wow factor” in your projects? 

We are always looking for “wow factor” opportunities, whether it be a two-tone kitchen, a bold color combination or a special accessory that steals the room. Each project deserves something personalized to the space and homeowner. When clients trust our artistic vision, the outcome is stunning. 

What is the biggest risk associated with DIY projects—why should we call a professional instead?

Although we love a good DIY hobby project, hiring a professional designer will always pay off. Our profession is highly technical, precise and calculated, which doesn’t always get properly communicated. People only see the end result, but it’s the process that actually separates us. We have a multitude of resources, experience and professionalism that cannot be matched by a DIY mentality.

In what ways do you use nature in your designs?

Whether it’s hiking our Palos Verdes trails, camping in Catalina or skiing in the mountains, we are continually pulling inspiration from our beautiful California landscape. Nature has all the ingredients for great design: balance, color, texture and sense of adventure!

Project photographed by Karyn Millet; Teamshot by Siri Berting