Brianne Hama, DDS

Dr. Brianne Hama opened SoCal Pediatric Dentistry in 2018 and specializes in children’s oral health—from infants to adolescents to children with special needs. In practice for 13 years, she earned her dental degree at the School of Dentistry of USC and completed her residency in pediatric dentistry at NYU College of Dentistry. 

Tell us about the efforts you put into designing the perfect office environment for your patients.

“Our SoCal team is committed to keeping our families comfortable and safe. We are excited to once again welcome our patients and families while maintaining health protocols to keep our office sterilized and disinfected between patients. We take pride in helping your child feel welcome, happy and at ease during each visit.”

What technologically advanced equipment does your office have?

“SoCal Pediatric Dentistry uses a variety of advanced dental technologies, such as Solea laser dentistry, a CO2 laser that replaces the dental drill and local anesthesia for many hard-tissue (cavity treatments) and soft-tissue (tongue and lip ties, gum tissue removal) procedures. We also utilize digital radiographs (X-rays) to minimize your child’s exposure to radiation.”

What stories can teeth tell about habits, diet and hygiene?

“Surprisingly, our teeth and oral cavity can tell many things about our lifestyle, habits and medical history. Primary teeth (baby teeth) develop in utero, while our permanent teeth start to develop at birth. Consequently, once your newborn arrives, their habits can affect the long-term development of their oral health. When we establish routine oral care and healthy habits at an early age, we are promoting good overall health and lifelong smiles. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children begin their first dental visit upon getting their first tooth or no later than 12 months of age.”

What is the top priority of your practice?

“Our top priority is to educate our families about their children’s oral health care. By educating patients and families early on, we can establish good oral hygiene and dietary habits for our children. This in turn contributes to fewer dental treatments and better oral and systemic health maintenance while encouraging desirable oral cavity development and overall confidence.”

Do you connect with patients via social media?

“Yes, definitely! We love connecting with our families and communities. You can find us on Facebook (SoCal Pediatric Dentistry) and Instagram (@socalpedsdentistry).”