Brianne Hama, DDS

SoCal Pediatric Dentistry specializes in treating children from infants to adolescents, including those with special needs. The practice uses a variety of advanced dental technologies, such as the Solea laser and a CO2 laser that replaces the dental drill and local anesthesia, for many dental procedures. Dr. Brianne Hama earned her dental degree at USC School of Dentistry and completed a residency in pediatric dentistry at NYU College of Dentistry. She has been practicing pediatric dentistry for more than 12 years and opened SoCal Pediatric Dentistry in 2018.

What is your dental treatment philosophy?

“A beautiful, healthy smile can give your child the confidence he or she deserves while promoting oral health. We are committed to providing a quality dental experience in a comfortable, pleasant environment. We emphasize good oral hygiene, preventive maintenance and conservative care. Working together, we believe that educating good oral health habits at an early age promotes good overall health and lifelong smiles.”

What tips do you give your patients to continue to maintain their health while staying home more than usual?

“We are currently living in an unprecedented time. It’s crazy, stressful and can be difficult. Do your best by taking care of yourself and each other. For your children: drink water after eating, only drink juice and milk at mealtimes, set regular schedule times for meals and snacks, and always remember to brush and floss.”

What is the most common misconception you hear about the field of dentistry?

“The misconception that dentist offices are a scary place. The reality is that we now have so many advancements in technology that allow us to do many procedures without having to use needles or ‘sleepy juice’ to complete the treatment. Also, as pediatric dentists, we have been trained to work and speak with children to make their visits more at ease.”

What fulfills you most about your career?

“I enjoy educating families on their oral health while contributing to their overall health. Each family becomes an integral part in our SoCal dental family. Our SoCal staff is devoted to our patients and their families. I love sharing my favorite children’s books. If you’d like to view my bimonthly readings, see my Instagram account @socalpedsdentistry. In addition, I am passionate about helping underserved communities locally and worldwide through my dental affiliations. It’s been such a rewarding journey.”