Cammy Nguyen

Cosmetologist, lash artist, trainer and cosmetic tattoo artist Cammy Nguyen has worked in the beauty industry for more than 20 years and recently started her eponymous cosmetic company in the South Bay. Cammy and her team specialize in lash products for professional eyelash artists and consumer beauty products.

When did you first consider working in your industry?

“I grew up in the beauty industry. I remember being woken up by my mom every day to go to work at the beauty shop with her and my aunties. For most kids this would have been torture; for me it was always exciting. I quickly became fascinated with everything beauty-related. I would watch them and practice on my dolls. Later I attended beauty school, where I already had a leg up on the competition. Not to brag, but I learned from the best.”

Which personality traits are most important to be successful in your field?

“The most important trait I suggest is to have a personable personality. I have been to numerous beauty shows around the U.S. and the world. It drives me crazy when a brand has paid more than $20,000 to have a booth in a prime location only to have the employees acting like they do not want to be there. This will ruin your reputation.”

How do you ensure that your team performs at the top of their game?

“I am truly blessed to have the team that I do. We work together, go on business trips together—which turn into mini-vacations. We spend almost every waking minute together during this transition to my new company. Although it gets stressful at times, I do my best to let everyone know they are doing a good job—keeping lines of communication open by holding informal meetings. I avoid micromanaging everyone because this is the team I picked, and I trust them.”

What is your favorite networking tool or activity?

“I love any networking tool or activity that puts me face-to-face with my clients and fans. I believe that in the beauty industry you have to set yourself apart. If you follow my social media platforms, you will see I am not like anyone you’ve ever met. I stand by everything I do and say which correlates directly to my business. I am my own brand, my name is my company, so that shows how passionate I am to deliver the best product day in and day out.”

What could women do better to advance their careers?

“I suggest focusing on yourself. There may be 10,000 people trying to get where you are today, but as long as you keep your head down, focus on advancing your skill set and keep the fire burning that ignited your initial interest in the industry, no one will be able to stop you.”

Is risk-taking usually worth the reward?

“Yes! I’ve learned that whatever you are passionate about and whatever you decide to pursue, don’t let the lack of money in the beginning deter you from going after your dream. When you do something you’re passionate about, it’s very rewarding—but it’s not easy to make it a success. It takes hard work, dedication and more than a 100% commitment to stay focused and build your dream into a successful business. Let your passion be your driving force, and money and success will follow.”

Do businesses have a duty to give back to society?

“Absolutely, because business is a give-and-take. People make your company; you have to contribute to society and give back. I want to give back to those who can’t give back to themselves. As a company you should always stay grounded and remember where you came from. Do your best to give back to everyone.”

Tell us about your ideal day off.

“This may sound funny to some people, but an ideal day off starts by waking up early. I do business internationally, which means I have a weird sleep schedule. Going to bed at 10 p.m. and waking up early gives me a much-needed head start on my day off. I love hanging out to eat with my friends, enjoying the occasional glass of wine, heading to the beach with my dogs and just disconnecting from my electronics. Maybe a strip club or two, who knows! (LOL.)”