Caroline Burke Designs and Associates

Describe the featured project.

This California Spanish home is one of a kind with breathtaking views of the Queen’s Necklace. All the rooms were designed to be extremely comfortable and full of charm. The custom carved furniture and rich fabrics are a true reflection of the client’s exquisite taste. This is a beautiful home that is always filled with the love of family and friends.  

How are clients expressing their individuality in their homes? 

Clients want a comfortable home that reflects their personal lifestyle. Clients are leaning more toward color throughout the house. I am even getting a lot of requests for colors on cabinetry versus the basic white that has been so popular for years. Color is fun—don’t be afraid!

What are your favorite sources of inspiration in your work? 

Most of my inspiration comes from traveling. I love to travel, and it not only inspires me but it energizes me to be even more creative. I love to bring the essence of a five-star hotel into the home. 

How does your work help clients  strengthen their connection  to nature? 

I focus on views and use colors that complement the view. I never cover up a view. I love large glass doors that you can open and make the outside area part of the interior of the home. We live in beautiful southern California, and it’s so nice to have the beauty of the exterior merge with the beauty of the interior of a home. 

Tell us about your clients’  art collections.

When my clients travel, I always tell them to purchase art. Whether it’s from an artist on the streets of Paris or a gallery in Carmel, art tells a story. It is a great conversation piece. Art is personal, and I love having that personal touch in each room of the home. The featured project has spectacular art that was collected over many years of travel.

Which home improvement projects are your clients asking for most?

Currently we have gotten a lot of calls for remodel projects. Lately, people spend much of their time at home and have realized that they needed some refreshing. We are also getting a lot of calls to refresh and update all the furnishings. 

Describe your ideal day off.

My ideal day off is to drive somewhere and discover something new. We have amazing museums and places to discover in Southern California. Traveling out of the area—even if it’s for a day—refreshes my mind and nourishes my soul.

Project photographed by Mark Lohman Photography