Caroline Burke Designs
and Associates

Describe the project.

We were given the opportunity to create an amazing men’s grill for the prestigious Rolling Hills Country Club. We studied men’s lounges and bars all over the world and worked with several of the club’s members in order to create a space that is masculine, comfortable and works perfectly with the rest of the country club. This area will also have the ability to create a new income stream for the club. We hear from the members that it is a great place in which to hang out. 

Tell us about your business.

Caroline Burke Designs has been designing beautiful, comfortable homes for 17 years. Our office and studio are located in Manhattan Beach. In general, most of our clients are in the area between Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes. However in the last several years we have had clients who have convinced me to work on homes out of the area. They have done extensive research on interior designers and told us that the level of detail we provide is what they want. These partnerships have been working well as there is a mutual appreciation for detail and beautiful design quality.

Do you like to mix vintage finds with newer items?

I love to mix vintage pieces with contemporary upholstered furniture. The vintage pieces add a history and a grounding element to the design. I love vintage art, rugs and wood furniture pieces as well as accessories. The right balance of old and new creates perfection.

What do you enjoy during your time off work? 

When I am not working, I spend time with family and friends. I have a close group of friends locally, and we rotate with dinner parties. My mother and sisters now live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, so I try to spend most holidays there with my extended family. I travel whenever I get a break, as I am a huge believer in learning about other cultures. I absolutely love to see architecture and interiors all over the world. My daily life is fairly consumed with interior design, but I do hope to take French classes this year to brush up on my language skills. I also have a desire to understand French and Italian wines better, so maybe some wine tasting is on the horizon!

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell (headshot) & Mark Lohman (project)