Caroline Burke Designs & Associates, Inc.

Happy Haven

Adding beauty and comfort to South Bay homes when we need it most

Written by Laura L. Watts | Photographed by Vince Taroc

Home sweet home. That’s the sentiment the team at Caroline Burke Designs & Associates wants to convey to you while you’re staying safe at home these days. As much as possible, they want this time of separation to be a positive experience—an at-home retreat surrounded by the people and things you love in a beautiful, comfortable setting.

“We are living and working through a transformation, and with transformation comes opportunity.”

Currently we’re all spending a lot more time in our homes. The silver lining is that we are making memories and realizing how much we love our homes. Owner Caroline Burke says that with people being at home a lot more than usual, many of her clients are realizing their homes could use a refresh—perhaps new living room furniture or a new master bedroom design or a home office remodel.

“Refreshing the energy of a room naturally makes people feel happier,” she says, “and this is the ideal time to do this type of project. We are living and working through a transformation, and with transformation comes opportunity—opportunity to make your home a little more comfortable, a little more fun and inspirational.”

Caroline Burke Designs is a luxury interior design and furnishing company established in 2007. This agile business accepts projects of all sizes—from redesigning a single room to decorating and furnishing a full house. They work hand-in-hand with contractors on remodels and with architects and clients on new-build projects.

“Because we’re a small business, we give our clients our full attention,” says Caroline. “We work as a team on all our projects.”

Caroline and her team set up home offices on March 10 and installed all the systems needed to continue their work together while apart. As soon as construction projects could continue, Caroline Burke Designs made sure all contractors and vendors abided by strict social distancing rules. They limited the number of people on project sites and regularly checked in with every client regarding the project and personally to see how they were doing with the shutdown. Installations that normally take two days were spread out over two weeks as necessary. While it has been a great challenge for Caroline and her team, their clients appreciate the extra effort and added safety precautions used to continue and complete their projects.

“Ease and flexibility are what we offer our clients; that is the key to navigating our way through this ever-changing ‘new normal,’” says Caroline. Clients are welcome to visit the studio if they wish, where the design team follows safety protocols—from wearing masks to sanitizing the office twice a day and after every client visit. They even have fun counting each other’s “20 seconds” when they wash their hands. The team will work with clients at their home or they offer the flexibility of working via email, Zoom or FaceTime.

Having more time at home has given Caroline the chance to plan for the future of Caroline Burke Designs. “I am pleased to announce we have a new, refreshed look,” she shares. “We have some new team members, a new brand logo and color scheme. I invite you to look at our updated website,, and sign up for our newsletter. The refresh brings with it a new energy; it all feels very exciting!”

The Caroline Burke Designs team is passionate about interior design, and they want to deliver that passion to as many homes as they can. Whether you’re a returning client or a new client, they want you to LOVE your home!

“My philosophy has always been that good interior design promotes a happy, healthy home,” says Caroline. “It would be our pleasure to work with you to make your house the home of your dreams.”