CC Zippert Design 

Describe the project.

Our featured project showcases a moody Spanish revival in Palos Verdes Estates nestled in a eucalyptus grove and full of character. We wanted to create an escape that would transport our clients to a coastal Spanish town brimming with romance and relaxation. We drew inspiration from bright, sunny estates in Menorca and boutique hotels in coastal Spanish towns. The palette makes the balconies feel like extensions of the rooms and the nearby eucalyptus seem part of the design. We balanced the existing dark Spanish woods with playful greens and teals that you would find in those coastal areas. Most of the upholstery is custom-designed by our studio and mixed with vintage, antique and contemporary artisan-made pieces that create a collected look where historic charm and contemporary forms happily intermingle. 

How does interior design make a difference in the way we live?

As interior designers, we approach your home from the inside out. We put a lot of thought into how each space will be used, who will use it, how it flows from one room to another, how to maximize square footage. We also think about the emotional side of things: How do you want to feel when you walk into a space? Should it be calming, fun, beautiful, an escape? Defining these questions helps us decide what rules we can break, where we can have some fun, and how we can make a home feel bigger, better and more comfortable. Interior design is a constant balance between beauty and function, and of course a little pixie dust for good measure. 

Tell us about your business.

Our full-service studio works on everything from new construction to whole-home renovations to furnishing and decoration. No matter the scope, we have a real passion for architectural and decorative arts history and the little details that make a home feel authentic. This passion shows up in the interior architecture we develop for new homes as much as it does in the thoughtful sourcing we do for furnishing projects.

What home trend are you loving?

Over the past many years there have been trends toward slow living, and the pandemic reinforced these ideas. The concept of slow furniture or slow architecture has been slower to be adopted because we’ve all gotten used to the price of fast furniture and the cost benefits of mass production.      Lately we’ve had more and more clients ask to take it slow and do it right—investing time to develop highly detailed interior architectural drawings and opting for custom pieces perfectly suited to their space. One client recently asked us to change window and door specifications to ensure their home wasn’t following the trend du jour. We were very happy to oblige. So perhaps our favorite trend in architecture/decoration is not following trends at all and just doing it right!

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell (headshot) & Trish Olivera The Boho House (project)