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Chase Law Group is a full-service law firm that helps business owners create legal structures that form the foundation for a successful business. Before founding the firm in 2007, principal attorney DeAnn Chase defended businesses in litigated, complex business matters. She has practiced law for 25 years. Employment attorney Scott Liner has more than 25 years of experience representing employers in and out of court. He regularly advises clients regarding employment law issues including wage and hour concerns, medical leaves, separations and other critical employment policies.

What does it take to be a “trusted advisor”?

DeAnn: “I am proud for my clients to call me their trusted advisor. It is not a title I take for granted as it is truly earned through consistently being a safe, reliable resource. My clients feel at ease in confiding sensitive information to me, knowing that I have only their best interests at heart and will help them reach their desired outcome.”

What does it take to be successful in law? 

Scott: “Over the years I have found that clients demand both expertise and responsiveness. I always do my best to be available and get back to them as quickly as possible. Also, you can’t use a cookie-cutter approach with clients. It’s important to listen to both what they say and what they do not say so you can more completely understand their issues of concern and what solutions they really need.”

How do you deepen relationships with clients?

DeAnn: “Our small size allows us to develop deep relationships with our clients based on trust, integrity and mutual respect. We know every client by name and provide legal counsel based on their unique background and concerns. Responsiveness and efficiency are cornerstones of our practice, and clients rely on us to be part of their team. Every person in our firm cares about the success of our business and our clients.”

Do you see any trends over the past few years in employment law issues that your clients face?

Scott: “In addition to dealing with all things COVID-19 over the past two years, wage and hour claims remain the biggest challenge facing employers. Whether class actions, Private Attorney General Act claims or simply ensuring that their business is compliant with California’s vast array of labor laws, the best approach for an employer is to be proactive and consult with counsel ahead of time and not wait until a problem or claim surfaces.”